Mortgage Protection Insurance

Product Features

Protects your most important assets

Easy acceptance and portability

Financial protection for your loved ones

Tax-free payout that can pay off your entire mortgage

No risk – receive all principal back at end of term

Helps pay for medical, nursing, or terminal illness

Your Simple Solution to Mortgage Protection

Mortgage Protection insurance is coverage that will pay all or part of your monthly mortgage payment if you become disabled or pass away. This gives you the peace of mind that your family or loved ones will not have to take on the added financial burden of a monthly mortgage payment should your financial situation change due to your injury or death.

Mortgage Protection can be complicated, especially when it is offered the moment you sign your lending paperwork for a new home loan. Let Asurea evaluate your current policy to ensure that you are getting the best coverage for your needs and budget.

Easy Acceptance

This policy covers almost everyone. Mortgage Protection is a great option for those who have a problem getting disability insurance due to a pre-existing condition or age. There are even policies with ‘Living Benefits’ that become available in the event of a medical emergency, like heart attack, stroke, or even just a change in your ability to perform normal daily activities. Living Benefits can help pay for medical costs, like hospital visits, nursing homes, rehab facilities, and more – and the best part; there is no risk. If you never need to access your policy, at the end of the term, you receive 100% of your principal back.

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