What Is Final Expense Insurance?

What Is Final Expense Insurance?

by Leslie Freeland, September 27, 2017

Dignity. Legacy. Peace of mind.

Final Expense insurance.

When there is a death in the family, these words are not normally thought of, but with Final Expense insurance, they can be. But exactly what is final expense insurance? Final Expense insurance may help give you the peace of mind that your family will not have to worry about the finances incurred from burial costs when you die.

When there is a death in the family, the emotional grief can be overwhelming.

There is no need to add financial hardship on top of the family’s grieving.

Over $8,000

Burial costs can add up quickly depending on your wishes. Make sure to take into account all possible expenses. Some of the basic traditional needs are: a memorial, a casket, a burial plot, a headstone and flowers.

According to the National Funeral Directors Association, “The national median cost of a funeral with viewing and burial for calendar year 2016 was $7,360. If a vault is included, something that is typically required by a cemetery, the median cost is $8,508. The cost does not take into account cemetery, monument or marker costs or miscellaneous cash-advance charges, such as for flowers or an obituary.”

Since this is just the median, this means the cost could be much higher depending on you and your family’s individual choices.

Even if you choose cremation instead of a traditional burial, the cost is significant. Where you choose to be cremated will affect the cost as well as what urn you choose, what type of memorial you want and whether you want a burial.

Not just burial fees

In addition to any burial fees, Final Expense insurance can also pay for outstanding medical expenses or debts. This depends on your individual needs when you buy your personal policy since you can control how much Final Expense insurance you want to purchase.

You cannot outlive it

One of the benefits of getting Final Expense insurance is it will not expire as long as you are alive (and you continue to pay your monthly premiums). It is guaranteed to last your entire life even if you live until 110.

You cannot outlive it.

Affordable and simple

This insurance can be very affordable, often only $1.50 per day.

Often, you will not even need to take a medical exam.

Do it now before costs go up

You need to lock into rates today because, as you get older, your monthly premiums may get higher and higher for a new final expense policy because of negative health issues. As soon as you get your final expense policy, your monthly premiums will never increase. And, as long as you continue to pay your monthly premiums, you can never be dropped.

When it comes to burial costs, medical bills and other financial obligations, make sure to plan in advance and get the insurance that will allow your family to focus on what is important.



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