Top 4 Tips for Your Life Insurance Medical Exam

Top 4 Tips for Your Life Insurance Medical Exam

by Leslie Freeland, December 15, 2018

How Healthy Are You?

You might be wondering: “Why would I need a medical exam for life insurance?”

Insurance companies need to learn how healthy you are before they will sell you an insurance policy. They determine how much your premium (monthly payment) will be depending on your health (and other factors). If you are healthy, you may be able to pay lower rates. It really depends on the insurance company.

When it comes to medical exams, every insurance company is different, but these 4 tips will help no matter what sort of tests you take!

All exams will have, at a minimum, a blood draw, a urine sample, a measurement of your height and weight, and a list of all your medications. There may be other tests too, depending on the insurance company.


Top 4 Tips for Your Medical Exam

Tip #1. Hydrate

Make sure to drink plenty of water the day before and the morning of your appointment. This will make it much easier for the nurse to draw your blood. It will also make it easier to collect a urine sample.

Tip #2. Avoid alcohol

Avoid beer, wine, hard liquor and anything else with alcohol in it. You don’t want your blood sample and urine sample to show the presence of alcohol. Alcohol may also raise your blood pressure and can make you dehydrated.

Tip #3: Sleep

Sleep is extremely important, not just to have lower blood pressure and less anxiety for the medical exam, but in general, for your overall health. Get a good sleep every night – not just for the test!

Tip #4: List Medications

Make a list of all medications you are currently taking. It may help to gather all your bottles up and have them with you. That way you won’t miss one! You can also contact your pharmacy, and they will print out a sheet with all the prescriptions you are on, including drug names, dosage, dates prescribed and more.

Don’t forget to list your over-the-counter medication too. Do you take an allergy medication every day? What about an acid reducer? List them all!


Bonus Tip! Be Honest

They will ask you medical questions, so make sure to answer truthfully. Do you smoke? If yes, then tell them. The more honest you are the better. If they discover you have been hiding a lifestyle or heath issue to get lower rates, your family may never get the insurance money (denied the death benefit). You could also be blocked from obtaining an insurance policy again, not just with one particular company, but several.

“No Medical Exam” Life Insurance

Do you have health issues that you are concerned about affecting your rates? Or are nervous to take the exam? No problem! There is life insurance available where you don’t need to take the exam. This type of policy is often called non-med.

Contact an Asurea Agent to learn more about preparing for the medical exam, your life insurance options, and non-med life insurance. We’re happy to help.




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Leslie Freeland

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