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Asurea was a very fast and quick. I received my new upgraded life insurance policy in no time. I am very happy with my experience with them for the last 4 years. I definitely recommend this company since they represent all of the top insurance companies, all in one place. Top notch!

Jamestonn., Martinez, CA, Google, May 8, 2019

The Asurea rep was very patient with me as understanding as life insurance policy was quite difficult for me to comprehend ...so he took extra caring steps with me ....the respect was definitely there and I am very happy to say that I am happy to get my perfect life insurance policy through Asurea.

Paul M., Beaverton, OR, Google, May 8, 2019

Asurea is the best life insurance provider representing over 40 of the top companies. My agent kept it professional and didn’t seem to force me on anything. She was very informative and patient. She walked me through all my options and she was very honest about everything. She took the time to go over every kind insurance plan. I feel like I walked away with a way better understanding on how it works and I am proud to say that I signed my life insurance through Asurea.

Patrick, Raleigh, NC, Google, May 8, 2019

My Asurea insurance advisor was friendly and professional. All questions were answered with a clear explanation. All of our financial matters were addressed and recognized. Lunch was unexpected but very much appreciated and delicious. Having mortgage insurance in addition to an upgraded life insurance policy is a huge relief to my wife and kids. We would most definitely recommend Asurea. They are the best.

Moses K., Dallas, TX, Google, May 8, 2019

I left a message for Asurea on Facebook and after a few minutes one of their agents called me back about my life insurance concerns. She was very articulate and gave me all the information that I needed. By the time she was asking a follow up question, I already had made my mind to go with Asurea. I liked their policys and packages with options of over 40 life insurance companies, glad that they are my agent.

Antony W., Tempe, AZ, Google, May 8, 2019

My Asurea representative was fantastic to work with. I got approved for a life insurance policy very quickly and the application was easy. Highly recommend this trustworthy company.

Cyntgia K., Roseville, CA, Google, April 17, 2019

The application process went very smoothly. I especially liked interacting with the very nice agent who listened to me and had to clarify anything that I hadn’t understood etc…I was very pleased to be able to find insurance that wouldn't change or try swindling me. I'm on a fixed income. Thank you!

Robert, Roseville, CA, Google, April 16, 2019

I have all good things to say about Asurea. Anytime I have had to call for a question, their personnel was professional and very courteous. I would recommend Asurea to anyone seeking a good life insurance policy that really fits their needs.

Dima T., Roseville, CA, Google, April 16, 2019

I had a wonderful experience with Asurea. My insurance advisor was attentive, kind, and considerate towards me and my situation. He took the time to walk me through and explain the types of life insurance and how it will work for me. I would highly recommend this company.

Melvin B., Roseville, CA, Google, April 16, 2019

I was debating whether I should get myself life insurance after having our forth child, when I came across this company. The agent made me realize the importance in protecting my family. She was so easy to talk to, knew her stuff and made me feel that I was making the right choice. I finally got myself life insurance and the process was really smooth. She walked me through everything. Really recommend her as an agent!!

Emily S., Roseville, CA, Google, April 15, 2019

Asurea is well known and they are someone to trust. They are certainly experts in the life insurance world. I am now adequately covered and I have great confidence in them.

Yulz., Roseville, CA, Google, April 10, 2019

The agent at Asurea Life Insurance made it very easy and convenient for me to acquire the life insurance that I've always needed. It is a great company, made it quick and easy to get the best affordable policy for me.

Kamden B, Roseville, CA, Google, April 9, 2019

I’ll be the first to admit I pushed back getting life insurance simply because the whole headache of the process but I contacted Asurea and was baffled by how simple the steps were and I couldn’t be happier with my policy. The first step is the hardest guys but this place will take great care of you.

Diamante L., Roseville, CA, Google, April 8, 2019

I started to worry about life insurance. I knew I needed coverage but with so many companies I didn't know what I needed. I called Asurea Life Insurance, and I was so glad I did. Every question I had was answered by the representative and it turned out to be so affordable. I was so surprised on the options I had because they represent all of the best companies, other places had a high rate or simply turned me down. I'm so happy with my decision to go with Asurea.

Jessica P., Roseville, CA, Google, January 31, 2019

Signing up for permanent life insurance through Asurea has been one of my best decisions. The representative did an in house consultation and explained to my wife and I how everything works. Now we can live without having to worry about my family having enough money if I were to die.

Wayne R., Roseville, CA, Google, January 26, 2019

Since Asurea represents all of the top companies, other life insurance companies can not find me a better rate. Asurea is very good, and the agent that worked with me has been very committed and diligent.

Toon C., January 7, 2018, Reno, CA, Yelp

Believe it or not it is very hard to find both great life insurance and mortgage protection these days. I found a wonderful agent who gave me some good information on how to choose these policies at a price that I can afford. Great company, great customer service! Asurea is really the best!

Mslicia I., January 3, 2019, Reno, CA, Google

We have our life insurance through Asurea in Reno. They had the best rates for the type of coverage we wanted. The process to get approved was quick and easy. Our agent was great to work with. My life insurance experience was so good that I went back to these guys for a mortgage protection policy. They are both quite affordable. Our experience was very positive. I have recommended my Asurea rep to all family and friends.

Zailey O., January 3, 2019, Reno, CA, Yelp

No other company had a life insurance policy I was ok with except the one that I just got from the Asurea rep! I was pleased with my quote enough to have asked them about their mortgage protection policy. Needless to say, I took the opportunity of buying that too. This was my first time having to buy my own life insurance and I can honestly say that everything went really well. If I know anyone else that may need a policy, Asurea will be the only name that will be recommended. Thanks once again, Asurea!

Donald P., December 24, 2018, Murfreesboro, TN, Google

Asurea had the best options to choose from for my family's life insurance needs. Our rep was very professional, not pushy, and just helped us decide which type of insurance was right for us. Were glad we found them.

Jeff T., October 30, 2018, San Diego, CA, Google

I'm not fond of writing reviews to companies. But this company has made me write this review due to its wonderful service delivery. I can just say its the best insurance company. I now have the perfect life Insurance policy with Asurea and also recently (2 months ago ) I took mortgage protection policy with the same company. I think everyone should give it a try and you'll be protected too.

Phibian R., October 2018, Google

Glad that I found Asurea. Very nice and helpful company, no pressure and I was comfortable with their services. They helped me choose the best policy to protect my family at a lower price than I expected.

Dominic O., October 2018, Google

The insurance advisors at the Scottsdale office were great and explained everything in my life insurance policy thoroughly. My wife and I are now sure we won't leave our family with the burden of paying off our debt. Just overall a great experience,many thanks!

Natalie H., August 3018, Google

I bought Life insurance from Asurea 2 months ago and I'm grateful. I've enjoyed a good relationship with the company and there was never any pressure, just finding the right fir for me . They have been so helpful and I'll recommend them to anyone.

John W., August 3018, Google

I am a happy customer, I bought the perfect life insurance policy for me and after seeing that Asurea was the best, I decided to add a mortgage protection policy. I know this is the right decision I made; being a customer of what I believe is the best company for my needs.

Clementine B., August 3018, Google

Asurea is a good insurance company. When I called another company's number it seemed like it took forever for someone to pick up. I called Asurea about my current life insurance situation and when I met with the insurance advisor, he gave me several options that made real sense and handled everything smoothly. The price was fair to me and the customer service was excellent. I couldn't have asked for anyone better to help me.

Jeremy T., June 30, 2018, YP.com

I love this company. I am a single mother with health issues, and the permanent life insurance is such peace of mind, as my daughter's college will be taken care of if anything happens to me. It was a huge decision for me, and honestly not something I wanted to think/talk about but their rep I spoke with was kind, patient and super helpful. I recommend them to everyone.

Kera M., June 2018, Yelp

I didn't think that I could find affordable life insurance because of health issues. The representative at Asurea put me at ease and actually had several options for me and explained in plain English his recommendation. Now my family is protected.

I am glad that I found them. Another agent at another company was a little pushy and would have been a lot more expensive. Since Asurea represents dozens of companies, they gave me the best deal on the right life insurance policy.

Lawrence A., May 27, 2018, YP.com

My wife and I are so happy that we met with the Asurea representative and had some wonderful options explained to us in plain English. I wasn't even aware of these options, all that make perfect sense. We are now a loyal Asurea customer and so is my sister.

Larry D., South Lake Tahoe, CA, May 13, 2018, Yelp

Ashley was super sweet and definitely knew what she was talking about as an agent. After personally being involved in selling insurance for over 10 years, I know what to look for, and I know the terminology and the policies themselves - but a ton has changed since I sold it. I would definitely recommend your company!

Charlene W., Asurea Email Survey Response

This was just what I needed!! A wonderful and helpful representative; Travis Thompson from Sugar Land, Texas was extremely nice and helpful and I would recommend him for sure to my friends. I AM VERY HAPPY with my choice and your agent.

Irene M., Asurea Email Survey Response

Thank you for your prompt action on the beneficiary forms corrections and returning to me. They are now in the folder with the main body of the policy. Also therein were a variety of writing instruments, a small pocket note book etc…Thank you very much for your generosity, and most of all, for your willingness to assist me in so many ways along the way, as we went through the process of getting the new policy put in place and in force.
You are a dedicated and knowledgeable professional, who has the interests of your clients at heart 100% of the time…From the beginning, at the latter part of last year 2016, I noticed you had those qualities that gave me confidence in you, your agency and ultimately, AIG which in turn gave me confidence in the process going forward… Again, thank you for all your assistance and advice along the way.

Mitchell M., Asurea Email Survey Response

Awesome company. Agent spent a lot of time with me to help make the right decision. Even when I was busy and kept pushing this off and off, the agent would call to check up. No pushy sales tactics either. I now have a piece of mind knowing my kids will have a little something if something bad were to ever happen to me down the line.

Daniel P., Asurea Email Survey Response

Our agent at Asurea is amazing. He took care of our insurance policies (my family and I). I own my own business, so there's really never time to handle these things. It was so easy with Asurea and the prices are phenomenal (I double-checked with a few companies). Definitely recommend contacting them for anything you need. I think they also do financial planning.

Edwin A., Asurea Email Survey Response

Agent Brian was knowledgeable and positive. He has personally kept me updated on the progress of my application for life insurance. He also has offered to bring me a copy of my policy rather than mailing it. I appreciate these qualities, especially after my experience with a former agent from another company. Thank you, Brian!

Marian S., Asurea Email Survey Response

Roxie is the best! I’m a stay-at-home mom, and we just bought our first home, I knew there was no way I could make the monthly mortgage payments if something happened to my husband though so I told him we needed life insurance. Our agent Roxie was amazing. Fast and easy paperwork. Super helpful. I feel relieved now. Thanks Roxie!

Lisa F., Asurea Email Survey Response

Clear communication, good customer service.

Katherine F.

Nicholas Ho has been the best insurance Agent I have ever dealt with. He explained the plans that were easy to understand. We had other agents that I still don't understand the full policy. I would recommend him to anyone looking for life insurance. Thanks Nick!

Marvin K., Asurea Email Survey Response

Your agent, Nicholas Ho was polite, did not wear out his welcome, gave us the help we needed, at the price we could afford. I am very pleased and would recommend him to any of my relatives and friends. In fact, I already have.

Sandra P., Asurea Email Survey Response

The agent was professional, knowledgeable, didn't push or try to persuade me, just offered information. He was responsive to my requests and always arrived on time for appointments or called to let me know he was running late.

Dianna C., Asurea Email Survey Response

Our agent was well prepared and very personable. He explained everything in a very clear manner and didn't push to sell me anything I wasn't interested in. However, he did inform me of the many areas your company covers. This is the type of representative all companies should have on their staff.

Connie C., Asurea Email Survey Response

Fredrick and Brenda were very helpful, listened to us, proposed products that were responsive to our needs and didn't try to sell us anything we didn't want. The process went smoothly and quickly, and we were informed of the process every step of the way.

Jonathan K., Asurea Email Survey Response

Our agent, Chris, listened carefully and researched the questions we had. We have already recommended Asurea to a friend.

Jim & Melanie M., Asurea Email Survey Response

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