Star Wars Power Couple – Insured at Last!

Star Wars Power Couple – Insured at Last!

By Marnina Delahanty

In honor of the original Star Wars (40 years old now,) and it’s newest addition, The Rise of Skywalker, we at Asurea thought it would be fun to run a preliminary life insurance evaluation on the franchise’s best loved couple, Han Solo and Princess Leia.  Enjoy!

Eventually married, Han Solo and Princess Leia assisted fought beside Luke Skywalker in many a universe-saving quest.  Though Han Solo’s fighting skills and wit often got him out of turmoil, his early life was marked by danger due to dumb luck, greed, and competetiveness, and eventual love for Leia.  That love redeemed his motivations; instead of pursuing money and excitement he joined Leia in aligning with the Resistance for all the right reasons.

BUT, from an insurance underwriter’s perspective, Han Solo’s motivations are irrelevant.  His propensity for danger is the only consideration an insurer need factor in. This would put him in the highest of risk categories, if not get him declined for standard life insurance coverage altogether.  A resourceful insurance agent, however, would pair him with Accidental Death and Dismemberment Life Insurance, and suggest he look into employer- sponsored group coverage. (This is to say, give up his latent adolescent adventures and get a real job.)

As a hero to the Universe at large, husband, and father, Han Solo justifies a massive death benefit.  The policy would likely be contested and possibly voided, however, since Han Solo is murdered by his son, Kylo Ren, presumably a Beneficiary.  Life insurance policies, you see, do not pay out to Beneficiaries who murder the Insured.  Pre-murder, it’s unlikely he would have reviewed his father’s policy in sufficient detail to discover this.  And, considering  all the family’s intergalactic moving, it’ questionable that he could have even found the original policy among the moving boxes.

So, don’t be surprised if a future Star Wars movie reveals that Kylo Ren, in fact, killed his father to cash in on his life insurance policy, thereby adding attempted fraud to his murder charges!

Princess Leia would also warrant massive coverage, as a leader in the Rebel Alliance, the New Republic, and the Resistance, as well as a wife, and mother.  Since women generally live longer, she could expect a nice premium price break. However, her high-risk lifestyle (surely well-documented in the public record,) would trigger any underwriter’s alarm bells.  More prudent than her husband, she would likely be granted coverage, though rated at an exceptionally high premium.  As a prudent planner, early in life Princess Leia would have been an excellent candidate for permanent life insurance structured to build cash value she could derive tax-free retirement payments from, starting right about now.  It’ll be a bittersweet retirement party, though, with the loss of her beloved Hans, and their son’s ultimate betrayal…

Whether you’re part of an intergalactic power couple, or just the average Joe & Jill, Asurea’s got you covered!  Give us a call!… And, while you’re at it, you know…  May the force be with you, always!

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