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Welcome to Asurea  Roseville

On the insurance train searching for your perfect carrier? Get off at Asurea Roseville, your one-stop shop for anything you could possibly need. With enviable outdoor malls, shopping districts and activities for every daredevil, this bustling haven gives you more options than a midnight train to anywhere. Guess what? That’s precisely what Roseville and Asurea have in common.

Maybe you spend your free time at Bungee Adventures or boat camping out on Folsom Lake. However you live your life, there’s insurance coverage out there for you.

Asurea offers Mortgage Protection Life Insurance, Medicare Supplements, Final Expense, Retirement Planning, Permanent Life Insurance and more. Contact Asurea to learn about these products and more.

Contact Us

3010 Lava Ridge Ct., Ste. 150
Roseville, CA 95661
P:  800-689-5490
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Join Our Asurea Roseville Team

Meet Our Asurea Roseville Manager

Nate Burks

Making a Difference

Nate has been involved in the insurance industry for over 15 years. He’s been with Asurea since 2010. He loves what he does and is thankful Asurea has given him the opportunity to help people every day.