Permanent Life Insurance

Product Features

Equity to supplement your retirement or pay for college

Helps pay for medical, nursing, or terminal illness

Have access to tax-free income

Level premiums – never increases

Optional disability coverage

Tax-free death benefit for your family

Your Simple Solution To Permanent Life Insurance

Permanent Life Insurance is an exciting and different approach to ‘life insurance’ that can help supplement and protect your retirement, and it can even be accessed to pay for education expenses or other expenses. This insurance is a combination of a savings plan and an insurance plan. It builds equity and cash value over time, which is available to you, and it also offers a tax-free death benefit to your family when you pass. Let Asurea show you how Permanent Life Insurance can benefit you financially today and in the future.

Largest Benefit of Permanent Life Insurance

Asurea will make sure you pay the same amount in monthly premiums from day one; this will never change. Your cash portion will still gain interest as well.

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