At ASUREA, you’ll find lots of smiling faces and helpful folks who love what they do, and do  it exceptionally well! We’ve got a team of positive and enthusiastic people and they’re really fun to work with. We know insurance can be complex, and we know the subject can be confusing, frustrating and often times consuming. Our specialists can make your life simpler…   more[+]

  • Leadership

    • Brian Pope

      Chairman & CEO
    • JM Ryerson

    • Matt Thomas

      Chief Financial Officer
    • Richard Smith

      Exec. V.P. Sales
    • Michael Hansen

      Director of Programming
  • Administration

    • Scott Freeland

      Chief Technology Officer
    • Brian Boyle

      Information Systems Admin.
    • Virgil Schmidt

      Database Analyst
    • Carla Heflin

      Administrative Assistant
    • Natalie Andrews

    • Tony Miller

    • Roxie Cooper

      Phone Sales Manager
  • New Business

    • Natasha Williams

      Assistant Case Manager
    • Kate Heffernan

      Team Leader
    • Sheryl Hus

      Data Entry
  • Contracting

    • Jill Podojil

      Contracting Specialist
  • Wholesale

    • Kevin Jenson

      Director of Wholesale
    • Sheri Hernandez

      Medicare Sales Director
  • Business Development

    • Shannon Gill

      Business Development Manager
    • Lindsay Rush

      Dist. Customer Service Rep.
    • Vicky Saavedra

      Dist. Customer Service Rep.
  • Talent Acquisition

    • Melissa Painter

      Director of Talent Acquisition
  • ASUREA Group

    • Chris Reid

      Director of Agency Management
    • JM Ryerson

    • Richard Smith

      Exec. V.P. Sales