Protecting Your Yard During Drought

Protecting Your Yard During Drought

by Leslie Freeland, May 24, 2019

Drought-friendly landscaping tips.

How can you protect your house against the drought that many parts of the country are facing? With increased water restrictions, many people are seeing their once beautiful, green lawns turn brown. It is important to support water conservation efforts, but that doesn’t mean that the look of your yard has to suffer. Here are a few drought-friendly landscaping tips.

Drought-friendly landscaping tips

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Desert landscaping can be colorful and beautiful!

One of the best, water-saving ways to drastically reduce your outdoor water need is to redo your front and back yards with drought-friendly landscaping. To do this, you can:

  • Put in plants that are native to your local area that tend to thrive in the wild without extra watering. If they survive in the wild without sprinklers, they will most likely survive in your yard without excessive watering.
  • Put in walking paths and patio areas.
  • Work with a professional to choose the most drought tolerant plants – such as deer grass, culver’s root, sunburst honey locust trees, portulaca, coneflower and russian sage.
  • Consider cacti and succulents.
  • Use gravel and pebbles liberally.
  • Install beautiful rock formations.
  • Use planters and containers with a drip system instead of sprinklers.

Asurea Simple Solution Tip:

This is a perfect time to visit your local plant nursery! The employees there can help you with everything from which plants will do best with the least amount of water to how to best plant them.

Did you know that many areas suffering from drought may even offer rebates from the local Water District that will help pay for you to replace your lawn with water friendly alternatives? You may even discover that in addition to lowering your water bill and supporting water conservation efforts, your new landscaping may add more curb-appeal to your home and reduce maintenance.

Working with what you have

Not everyone can do a complete overhaul on their landscape. If this is you, don’t fret. You can still make changes (with minimal cost) and achieve reduced water usage.

  • Remove sections of your lawn and replace with brick or stone for paths and patio areas.
  • Turn the spray radius of your sprinklers down. Do this for a few weeks until you stop having water run into the street and start getting brown spots on the edges of your lawn. Then replace the brown sections with decorative stones, gravel, bark or drought tolerant plants. This way you are only watering a smaller section in the center of your yard.
  • For the portion of lawn you are keeping, water at night so less water evaporates in the hot sun.
  • Turn off your large sprinkler system and switch to targeted drip watering hoses. Your plants will still get the water they need without the large water consumption. Drip watering hoses can be used in flower beds along the edges of your lawn while you reduce the radius of your main sprinklers.
  • Replace a water feature with a beautiful sculpture of other type of garden art.
  • Turn your fountain or other water feature into a planter for drought resistant plants!

Asurea Simple Solution Tip:

Are you wasting water? Look for these signs: water on any portion of your fence or house siding, water on the sidewalks surrounding your home or your driveway, water (of any amount) running off your property, into the street. If any of these apply to you, make sure to turn your sprinkler radius down and reduce the amount of time your sprinklers are on.

Not sure if you live in a drought area? Then go to the Drought in My Backyard website and enter your zip code. You will get a drought rating of wet through exceptional.





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