Medicare Supplements

Product Features

Helps with high deductibles of original Medicare

Freedom to choose from many providers without referral

Lowest premium with the most coverage

Prescription Assistance Program

Keep the doctors you have now

Your Simple Solution to Medicare Supplements

Medicare Supplements, also known as ‘MediGap,’ can be complicated, but Asurea is your Simple Solution. Medicare Supplements are designed to cover expenses such as high deductibles and coinsurance of original Medicare.

Let Asurea show you how Medicare Supplements can help you save money and improve your benefits. With Medicare Supplements, you can keep the doctors you have right now, if you like, and you can gain access to thousands more doctors and specialists without having to obtain a referral. Some plans will even offer you ‘International Coverage.’

Prescription Assistance

If you cannot afford your brand-name medications, we can help! We work with a Prescription Assistance Program that can get your medications covered for FREE directly from the drug manufacturer. Plus you will have the freedom to choose any provider within the US territories without a referral from any Medicare Certified Provider or Facility.

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