Matt Thomas

Matt Thomas

Chief Financial Officer


About Matt

After starting his career in the insurance industry in 2004, Matt was promoted to a manager role in short order. While in this position, Matt developed the agents assigned to him into the highest revenue earners in the entire firm. After he and his agents posted record revenues for several consecutive years, he moved into the role of Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

As company CFO, Matt handles our financial management and reporting, and he oversees several functions at the corporate level. Some of these include compliance and legal operations, information technology, and Administrative/Human Resources support. Matt has proven himself trustworthy to juggle multiple roles within our organization. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and is always open to new learning opportunities.

Matt is the proud father of Matthew, Jr. and Lilly Mae. A yellow lab named Harley, who can’t catch a ball no matter how hard he tries, rounds out his family. Matt’s kids are active in baseball, football, soccer, and softball, all of which he enjoys bringing them to and from and watching them play.

Matt played golf while a student at Chico State and still enjoys this hobby today. His father was his main inspiration growing up because he always encouraged Matt to push beyond any of his self-imposed limits to realize his dreams. His dad remains his hero and Matt credits him with instilling the drive to succeed so early in his career.

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