Life Insurance | Insuring Every Milestone

Life Insurance | Insuring Every Milestone

by Angela Bass, November 19, 2015

Ready or not, here comes life. 

When was the last time you were able to predict a big change in your life? Probably rarely. But that’s fine because not knowing is what makes life such an amazing journey. This is what life insurance is all about  – life changes!

Getting a promotion at work. Starting a new business. Retiring.

These are all exciting milestones that add tremendous value to your life — and lots of little surprises at random turns.

That’s where life insurance comes in: insuring every milestone.

Ready or not, life changes. At Asurea, we think that being ready trumps winging it by a mile, and this is why your life insurance policy needs to keep up with you. That’s where a free Asurea Policy Review enters the picture.

An Asurea Policy Review is just what it sounds like. We sit down with you, you tell us how your life has changed, and then we look over your current life insurance policy to make sure it’s still covering all your bases. It’s kind of like checking that your pizza toppings are still in place after a wild ride home from the pizzeria — and then chowing down once everything looks good.

In our “Has Your Life Changed” blog, we looked at how certain life events such as getting married and having a baby can trigger a review and an update of your life insurance policy. But your life can change in other fun and exciting ways that may not be as obvious.

For example…


With an Asurea Policy Review, you can stay in business when big changes happen in your life.

Growing a small, family business
Let’s say you’re the owner of Awesome Sauce Pizza Shop. If you expanded your business or opened a second shop, you probably have a right-hand person to keep everything running smoothly.  And that right-hand person could very well be your spouse.

Now, imagine your spouse suddenly passes away and you start falling behind in your financial obligations. You may have to hire someone to replace your spouse, adding an expense that was not there before. Your current policy may no longer be enough to prevent the downfall of Awesome Sauce.

Landing a new dream job
Congrats on landing your new dream job! But did you know you can’t take any of the life insurance benefits you had with your previous employer with you? Unless you stay in the same job forever, every new position you accept means applying for new coverage. And each time you apply, your monthly premiums may get higher.

Employer-sponsored benefits are terrific, but the older you get and the more health issues you have as you age, the more you’ll pay for coverage. Having a life insurance policy outside of what your employer offers, ensures that you’re protected – wherever you go!

Improving your home
Did you finally put in that new pool you always wanted? Or did you go all out and remodel your entire kitchen? Home improvements are exciting! But if you took on any additional debt while sprucing up your abode, you could need extra life insurance. Make sure your family can enjoy that new pool, kitchen, or any other improvements you’ve made for years to come. Otherwise, those upgrades might only become an extra financial burden.

Enjoying your retirement time
We’re all living longer and healthier lives. And while you don’t want to think about your loved ones carrying on without you, a spouse or partner could outlive you by many years. If you’re still paying down a mortgage or have other financial obligations, how will your loved one manage? Having enough life insurance can pay off lingering debts – as well as final expenses and medical bills – preserving those precious retirement savings for those golden years.

If it’s been awhile since you purchased your life insurance policy, then you may benefit from an Asurea Policy Review. With a reviewed and updated policy, you can ensure that your spouse has the funds they need to live out the rest of their golden years in comfort.

Turning over every milestone

Whichever way life takes you, Asurea has you covered. We’ll make it simple for you to find the perfect life insurance policy, renew your current policy, or get the perfect little add-on that matches up with the unique changes in your life.


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Angela Bass

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