Reasons to Downsize

Reasons to Downsize

by Leslie Freeland, March 1, 2019

Here are four great reasons to downsize!

Have you found yourself thinking: My home has more space than I need. If so, one option you have is downsizing to a smaller home that is more suitable for your current needs. Or maybe you are thinking: I would like a smaller mortgage. Downsizing often means a lower monthly mortgage payment. Or do you feel that you just have too much stuff but aren’t motivated to get rid of it? Most likely, downsizing will inspire you to go through all the clutter and help you get organized.

These are just a few reasons people choose to downsize, but there are others. You may also consider downsizing because of:


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Downsizing can lower your monthly expenses, giving you the opportunity to take those vacations you always dreamed of!

After you retire, you may not be tied to one location anymore. You may no longer need to live close to your job. This frees you up to relocate closer to family or to a different climate. Or, you can choose to not relocate at all! You can get an RV and travel the countryside instead.

Do you live near the beach in Southern, California – where it is thought to be 75’ and sunny all year round – but have often longed for the four distinct seasons? Well now you can! This is that perfect opportunity to move to an area where you will get to see the four seasons change, everything from the beautiful fall leaves to the sparkling white snow.

Or maybe you feel the opposite and want a more balmy environment, one where you can wear shorts throughout the entire year, never needing to clear a snow-covered driveway again.

Lower maintenance

Often moving to a smaller home means less maintenance. You will have a smaller house to clean and a smaller yard to mow. Or even better, you can move to a retirement community that provides yard service. Many of today’s retirement communities have full yard maintenance services as part of their association fees.

More money to decorate

When you downsize, if you want to remodel or redecorate, the cost may be much lower. Imagine putting wood floors into a large home. Expensive, right? Maybe you have always wanted a home feature such as solid wood floors but have been putting the floors off because of the high cost. When you downsize, often, with your lowered monthly expenses, you can have those design features you have been wanting.

Lost treasures found!

This is probably not a reason to downsize, but it is definitely a perk! As you downsize, you may even find lost treasures! Have you ever wondered, “Where did that go?”

You know you have it – that thing you have been looking for that you have not been able to find for years. Maybe it’s a treasured family album or a special ring passed on from an older relative. With a lifetime of accumulated items, things just get lost. As you pack each box for your move, you are bound to find a few missing treasures!

Downsizing Tips

  • Don’t forget to downsize your items before you downsize your home. Do you have an attic or basement filled with boxes? Don’t forget the garage, shed or even a storage unit. You need to go through it all. If this sounds daunting, ask friends and family to help.
  • Now that you know WHY you might consider downsizing, read our article on tips on HOW to downsize.

In addition to thinking about downsizing your living space, now is the right time to think about your family’s financial future when you pass away. Final expenses, such as burial expenses, are getting higher and higher every year. It can cost thousands of dollars to pay for everything. With Final Expense Insurance, you can have peace of mind that your family will not have to worry about where the money will come from

Final Expense Insurance is a simple and affordable way to protect your family financially after you pass away. It can help pay off outstanding debts, medical bills, and burial costs, relieving the potential stress of financial burden during what would be an already difficult time of grieving for your family. So as you consider downsizing your home and belongings, don’t do a Final Expense Insurance downsizing!

This is when you want to upsize.

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