Insurance When You Need it Most

Insurance When You Need it Most

by Leslie Freeland, August 10, 2015

Life Insurance When You Need it Most

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Often, when people think about life insurance, they only think about the financial protection their family will receive after they die. But have you ever thought about life insurance protecting you while you are alive? That is exactly what happened recently when a valued Asurea client was diagnosed with cancer.

Earlier this year, Moe Biltagi, our Asurea San Diego Area Manager, had the pleasure of helping a local gentleman with his life insurance policy. Moe’s client had a policy that he had purchased quite awhile ago. He said he had not had the policy reviewed for years. Moe went out to do an Asurea Policy Review and see if any updates were needed.

Better Options

While going over his client’s current life insurance policy, Moe discovered that there were better policy options available today, so his client purchased a new policy.

In addition to the new life insurance policy, the gentleman chose to get a Critical Illness Rider. A “rider” is additional coverage that you can buy at the same time as your main life insurance policy that will provide you with extra protection. Specifically, a Critical Illness Rider is coverage you have if are diagnosed with a critical illness, such as cancer. With a Critical Illness Rider, you will receive much-needed money to put toward medical expenses or any other costs that you might have while you are still alive.

A Policy Review, Just in Time

Just two days after Moe delivered the gentleman’s new life insurance policy, Moe’s client went in for a minor medical procedure and was diagnosed with cancer! Neither Moe nor his client ever imagined the insurance would be needed so soon. The client contacted Moe to report his changed health condition, and Moe came to the rescue.

He immediately filed a claim with the insurance company, managed all the paperwork, hoops and hurdles, and the claim was approved. Now, after only making seven monthly premium payments, Moe’s client will receive $80,000 to help with current medical bills and any other expenses. He hoped he would never have to use the Critical Illness Rider, but he was glad it was there when he needed it.

Wise advice

In a follow-up interview, Moe’s client exclaimed, “If you don’t have insurance, I highly encourage you get it now.” He explained how he is a firm believer in life insurance. “You never know when something bad might happen” he said. “It’s better to have it than not.”

His Simple Solution Tip:

  • Make sure you put everything on autopay. This way you won’t have to worry about forgetting a payment and having your life insurance cancelled.

Get your own policy reviewed

Just like Moe’s client did, it is very important that you have your life insurance policy reviewed – once every two to three years is ideal.

Every day, Asurea reaches out to our current clients to see if they would like to have a complimentary Asurea Policy Review. But you don’t need to wait for us to reach out to you. Contact us first! You may discover you have coverage you didn’t even know about, or you may discover you need different coverage. Insurance products are always changing, so we may be able to get you better coverage than you have now.

An Asurea Policy Review is offered free of charge to make sure our clients’ current life insurance policy still suits their needs today. You do not need to be an Asurea Client to receive a free policy review. We can review all policies regardless of where they were obtained.

No insurance? – No problem!

Don’t have life insurance? Contact us today to get started. Not only can you make sure your family will be financially covered in case you die unexpectedly, you can also get coverage that will protect you financially today, while you are still alive.

Asurea’s Shared Voices is an on-going series featuring the real, and often amazing stories behind life insurance. While it is often preceded by a tragic event, life insurance can provide a beacon of hope or some measure of comfort to those left behind. If you have purchased a life insurance policy, or you have received life insurance proceeds, Asurea wants to hear your story, and share your voice. Please email us to share your voice and discuss how your story can help change lives.


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This information is provided for general consumer educational purposes and is not intended to provide legal, tax or investment advice.

*Loans borrowed from your life insurance policy will accrue interest. An outstanding loan balance (loan plus interest) will be deducted from the death benefit at the time of claim. Accessing cash values may result in surrender fees and charges, may require additional premium payments to maintain coverage, and will reduce the death benefit and policy values. Dollar amounts are for illustrative purposes, not actual.

Leslie Freeland

Leslie Freeland

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Leslie joined Asurea as the Marketing Communications Coordinator in February 2015. Since then, she has been working closely with insurance professionals to educate the public on the importance of life insurance and protect the public from common scams with informational articles.
Leslie Freeland