Life Insurance Agents: Captive vs Independent

Life Insurance Agents: Captive vs Independent

by Leslie Freeland, February 15, 2017

How independent is your insurance agent?

When you are shopping for life insurance or mortgage protection, your goal should be to find the policy that suits your needs the best. Your new policy should fit your budget while offering you the right balance of protection and premium.

Many people are unaware that the type of life insurance or mortgage protection agents you buy your insurance from dictates whether you are getting the best policy available. When it comes to life insurance or mortgage protection agents, it is important to know that “independent agents” have some advantages over “captive agents.”

It is also important to know just how independent your independent agent really is.

Captive Insurance Agents

A captive agent works directly for a specific insurance company.

They are only able to present you with policies from that one company, meaning that they are limited in what they can present. For example, if you are an e-cigarette user, you may be charged a much higher premium with some companies than others. The captive agent can only show you his or her company’s policies.

Which means you may be paying more than you have to.


Independent Insurance Agents

Independent insurance agents represent many different insurance companies.

They are able to present you with a variety of policies, plans and premiums from the different companies he or she has partnered with. In this way, the agent is able to offer much more competitive policies without limiting you to just one company.

However, it is not as simple as it seems.

Not all independent agents are the same

In addition to making sure the agent you purchase your insurance from is independent, you also need to ask:

“Just how independent is my independent agent?”

While typical independent agents can offer you a variety of choices, you are still locked into the companies they personally partnered with, which may be limiting. Asurea’s Agents are independent, but with one huge advantage over other independent agents:

Asurea Agents have access to many more carriers.

The ultimate independent agents

Asurea is a full-service Insurance Marketing Organization (IMO), making Asurea Agents the ultimate independent agents.

Look at it like this:

  • a captive agent can only sell from one company
  • an independent agent can sell from several companies (the ones that the agent has partnered with)
  • but an Asurea Agent has the ability to sell from all companies

Because of this, Asurea is able to compare and offer you policies from over 40 of the nation’s very best insurance companies.

Going back to the e-cigarette example, instead of having to pay more with to a specific insurance company because your agent is captive or independent with limited choices, an Asurea Agent can search all available carriers and compare premiums, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars.

As experts in the industry, with the top training available, Asurea Agents are able to identify your needs, understand your budget, and shop the best companies to find you the policy that is just right for you.

No biases. No limitations.

Asurea is the Simple Solution for your insurance needs. Contact us today, and we will find the perfect plan for you.



Asurea Insurance Services is the nation’s premier Insurance Marketing Organization that finds the perfect policy for your needs and budget. Asurea offers Mortgage Protection, Medicare Supplements, Final Expense, Retirement Solutions and Permanent Life Insurance.

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Leslie Freeland

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