Asurea Frees the Grieving From Financial Devastation

Asurea Frees the Grieving From Financial Devastation

By Marnina Delahanty

Some days, selling life insurance through Asurea is the most rewarding career out there. This morning, I started my day by helping a client’s daughter file a death claim on his behalf. We’ll call them John and Kailey for privacy’s sake.

Though I wrote his policy over 5 years ago, I remember their family well. The two were in the process of moving to the region from the Bay Area, and he had just bought a house with enough room for himself, his adult daughter and their four remarkably small mutts. I got the impression John and Kailey had always been remarkably close, but as I got to know them, I learned what had drawn them together most recently. John’s wife/Kailey’s mother had passed away not long before I met them. She’d been ill for some time before dying. But, though they’d had the gift of being forewarned to adjust to her oncoming death, it didn’t take much insight to sense that they were still palpably devastated to lose her.

They truly looked out for each other, which is, I guess, why they filled out the inquiry for Mortgage Protection that brought us together. Though Kailey was well in the process of becoming independent, if John were to die, he didn’t want her stranded with mortgage payments she’d have to struggle to pay each month.

Life insurance was the solution. In choosing his amount of coverage, we found a balance between his goals and his budget. While he’d have loved to leave her millions, his real goal wasn’t to make her rich. What he really wanted was to either give her enough money to pay down the mortgage to an affordable amount, or to give her the freedom to sell the house and relocate as she saw fit.

John wanted to unburden his daughter from the threat of losing the house if he died, and instead free her to grieve, adjust, and take care of herself without financial pressure.

And this morning, Kailey and I got the ball rolling to do just that. This evening after work, she’ll fill out and email the claim forms and death certificate back to the insurance carrier. Soon, they’ll deposit $120,000 of tax-free life insurance death benefit into her savings account. Kailey plans to sell the house and move in with her fiance when they marry this summer. She’s mourning the passing of her last parent, and because her dad found a way to budget for life insurance, she doesn’t have to do so under threat of foreclosure.

Yeah… Some days selling life insurance through Asurea is the most rewarding job out there.

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