Asurea Fit Club

Asurea Fit Club

by Lisa Thibodeau, June 1, 2016

At Asurea, we care about your health (and ours!) and strive to promote a lifestyle that will ensure happiness, wellness, and longevity. We are also keenly aware that keeping yourself healthy is one of the best ways to keep your insurance premiums low.

Plus, maintaining a fit lifestyle just makes you feel really good! And who doesn’t want that?

So, at Asurea’s home office here in Roseville, CA our employees have committed to fitness – and have organized a Fit Club! The club members gather once a week in a meeting room to do stretching and exercises, support each other, and plan their next active adventure. The club sends daily reminders to stand up and stretch, drink water, and get some fresh air. So far 18 employees have joined the group, but the club’s goal is to have every Asurea employee on board!

The club has hiked, camped, walked countless laps for cancer and more. Next up is a 5 mile hike at Robie Point Firebreak trail in Auburn, CA, and a clean-eating potluck lunch (complete with Pinterest ideas). Operations Director Becky Hare, who spearheaded the group says, “It’s about getting out in the fresh air, having fun, and getting to know each other better. We chat, eat trail mix and relax and chill.” Many club members bring their families with them to the hikes. “It’s not a race, the kids do whatever distance they can,” says Hare.

An unexpected benefit of exercising at work is that it can make you a better employee. Studies show that those who engage in physical activity at work have improved performance and time management skills. Our employees are coming back from Fit Club with clear, calm heads and are better able to focus. Hooray for our excellent Asurea co-workers!

Does all this positive energy make you want to join our club? Consider organizing your own workplace fitness challenge, or simply starting a personal health journey. With exercise you will gain muscle, lose weight, lower your cholesterol, and maybe even lower your monthly insurance premium!

We’re cheering you on – you can do it!




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Lisa Thibodeau

Lisa Thibodeau

Marketing Content Writer at Asurea
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