A Legacy of Love: Slam Poetry Like You’ve Never Seen Before

A Legacy of Love: Slam Poetry Like You’ve Never Seen Before

by Leslie Freeland, July 20, 2017

You’ve probably never seen someone poetry slam about life insurance –

but this video breaks with convention for all the right reasons.


It goes beyond the paperwork to what life insurance is really about: loving and looking after your family.

What will happen to your family if you die?

You don’t want to prepare for your death

– nobody does.

And you’re probably not worried about your final resting place. But you do want to take care of your family, and make sure your wife, husband, or children can pay off that last bit of the mortgage.

Death is tragic, but it’s life as well.

Ultimately, life insurance isn’t there for you – it’s there to make sure your family will be okay when you’re gone. And it’s not that your death won’t be mourned – but there is more to it than that.

Life finds a way to go on.

Those who are still living must lift their heads and persevere.

What it means to love someone.

Love means doing whatever you can to help those closest to you.

We buy life insurance because when we love someone, we want to be able to protect them from hardships. We want to ensure they experience the happiest moments, even if we won’t be alive to experience such times with them.

It’s comforting to be able to provide for our loved one’s future.

Life insurance – those checks sent to your family after you’re gone – leave no doubt that you loved them.

The last thing you do…

Life insurance might well be the last loving act you’ll ever perform.

Providing it, you can relax, knowing that you are lightening the load of those you leave behind.

Their grief will be focused just on your passing,

rather than on the practical and financial stress of losing a key person in their lives.

The right time to get life insurance.

You, and many others, probably have the idea that there is a right time to get your affairs in order. That time is well into the future when you’re old.

But death never gives us notice.

It doesn’t send us a little reminder email, letting us know that it’s due in a few days. That phone call from the hospital, from the police after an accident, can take your family by surprise.

That first check.

When your family grieves, they’ll eventually get to a point where what they most focus on is those shared, happy memories.

Your body is gone, but your love isn’t.

It’s important to guarantee that a check will arrive on your behalf after you’ve left.




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Leslie Freeland

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